Tom First founded OWATER in 2004 with the mission of creating a healthy line of fitness drinks. While the marketplace was crowded with high-sugar choices, there was not a single electrolyte beverage that delivered complete hydration and great taste, without unnecessary "junk".

With years of beverage experience under his belt as one of the founders of Nantucket Nectars, Tom decided to try his hand at making his own healthy sports drink. His OWATER formula came to the market in 2005, as he called on an enthusiastic group of talented former colleagues and new whiz kids to join the OWATER team.

Today OWATER makes a variety of healthy sports drinks with the ingredients that athletes need and desire. OWATER can be found in stores across the country.
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With an exciting new beverage business to run Tom continues to exercise seven days a week. He is a lifelong sports fan and competitive athlete who credits his early involvement in athletics as a major influence on his success as an entrepreneur. In addition to leading the OWATER team, Tom is on the Board of Directors of several entrepreneurial companies. He graduated from Brown University in 1989.